Tuesday, 29 January 2013

People hate Mahatma Gandhi?

People's hatred for Gandhi is on his role in Partition of India, election of Nehru over Sardar Patel for first PM of India and his bias against revolutionaries like Bhagat Singh and Subhash Chandra Bose
A large part of it, he screwed up in the last two years of his life - which eventually led to his death as well. 
Also, his principles of non-violence and truth, especially non-violence, would have led India nowhere post independence. While he succumbed to Jinnah's demand for separate Pakistan, his fast-unto-death blackmail to give Pakistan 55 crores, against the will of the entire nation, angered many. His role in electing Nehru over Patel (under the pressure of former's father's political and financial help in Gandhi's freedom struggle) created a chain of unfortunate events in the history of Independent India, for which the country is paying price till date. His principle of non-violence would have had India lose the entire Kashmir, had Sardar Patel not acted in time. If it was not Nehru (Gandhi appointed PM) who ran into UN for intervention, Lahore would have been a part of India since 1948.
India faced the consequences of the principle of non-violence in 1962 when China snatched away Tibet and that was when there was a serious need of a strong army, navy and airforce with lethal weapons (including nuclear) was realized. 
For majority of foreigners, Gandhi is Mahatma. Even for children in India, he is Mahatma because that is what is being taught in the "politically corrected" textbooks in schools